About us

Welcome to Creative Music Adventures (CMA), your gateway to a world of musical exploration and education. Founded in 2003, CMA began as a small teaching studio dedicated to providing a unique and inspiring approach to music education. Over the years, our philosophy has evolved, leading us to expand our horizons and transition into an online publishing company.

At CMA, we believe that everyone can benefit from the transformative power of music. Our mission is to share our wealth of knowledge and experience with teachers and students alike, offering a range of educational materials designed to inspire, educate, and empower.

Our collection of books, including titles such as "Musical Monsters," "Beat Bots," "Jurassic Rock,"  "Misfit Maestros," and "The Living Jazz Tradition", is crafted with care and expertise. Each book is designed to guide students on their musical journey, from beginner to advanced levels. With a focus on accessibility, engagement, and creativity, our books are suitable for musicians of all ages and backgrounds.

We believe in providing a comprehensive learning experience, which is why our books are accompanied by professionally recorded practice tracks. These tracks are designed to enhance the learning process, allowing students to practice rhythm, tempo, sight-reading, and ear training in an exciting and immersive way.

As we transition into an online publishing company, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. We continue to uphold our core beliefs, including the belief that everyone can learn to play music in a meaningful way. We are dedicated to finding each student's motivation and providing a unique and engaging learning experience.

Join us on our journey as we explore the world of music together. Whether you're a teacher looking for innovative teaching materials or a student eager to expand your musical horizons, Creative Music Adventures is here to inspire and guide you every step of the way.