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By: Michael Stegner

As our Spring/Summer recital approaches, we wanted to make sure that everyone knew that it was not only okay but encouraged to bring friends and family to the event. Community building around music is one of our core values at CMA and we want

By: Michael Stegner

I'm excited to announce that the practice tracks for my books are now available for purchase so students can use them with any device capable of playing mp3's.

Each song in the book has an accompanying slow, medium, fast and pro practice track. The pro version is just the background instruments without the main melody so students can practice playing with a band (without help from another melody player).

You can pay for these through

By: Michael Stegner

Over the years we've been lucky enough to see some top-flight students come through CMA. Several of them started with us when they were really young and continued until they left for college. Others came to us as transfer students after lessons

Creative Music Adventures is a music school in Seattle where students of all ages learn to play music - from classical to modern popular styles. We've helped hundreds of students make music an important part of their lives since 2003. Maybe you're simply looking for "Piano or violin lessons near me" and aren't sure how to learn an instrument in a way that inspires you - over the long term. We can help. We offer a free consultation and trial lesson to anyone curious about learning to play music.

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  • Learn to improvise
  • Learn to play popular music
  • Learn clarinet
  • Learn trumpet
  • Learn trombone
  • Learn to play jazz
  • Learn an instrument as an adult
  • Play music in a group

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