How Much Should My Child Practice?

This is probably the most asked question directed at music teachers… 
How much should my child practice?
Over the years, we've experimented with different approaches to help confidently answer this question. We have observed the results very carefully, and have gradually tweaked the approaches with the results achieved by the students.
As things currently stand, the best answer to this "how much should my child practice" question is pretty simple…

Choosing the "Right" Instrument for Your Child's First Lessons

Parents often feel at a loss when it comes to choosing the "right" instrument for their child. The good news is that there often isn't a right instrument - especially if musical concepts (not repertoire) are the emphasis in early lessons. Once students start on something, they usually will start to gravitate towards a specific instrument or style over time. They can easily transfer the understanding of concepts gained from their first instrument to other instruments.