For Parents

Syncing Lessons on the CMA Calendar to Your Personal Virtual Calendar

Students and parents,

Whether you're preparing for a trial lesson or already in weekly lessons, it can be very helpful to sync your CMA calendar to your personal calendar.

You could put this in your calendar manually, by yourself, but what's great about the sync is it will update with every change we make, for example, for a rescheduled lesson, when you're gone on vacation, or when you have a guest teacher for the week.

Here are the steps to sync your lessons on the CMA calendar to 3 common virtual calendars (iCal, Google, and Outlook):

For Parents

There are many opinions on what the parents' role is in music lessons. Here are a few approaches that have worked exceptionally well for folks over the years.

Here are things that we want the parents to help out with in regards to music lessons: