What if I Can't Make a Lesson?

Parents and adult students are concerned at times about missing out on lessons they're not going to be able to make. Folks can feel like they are losing out on the financial end of the spectrum or the educational side of things.

In most cases, it would be really hard to miss out on things financially. Your monthly tuition accounts for 8 sick or vacation days each year. That's in addition to the 5 weeks we're closed. On average, most CMA families over the years don't use up their 8 sick/vacation lessons. If you only miss 4 lessons during the year (in addition to the 5 we're closed), you essentially get 4 'free' lessons.

As as a courtesy to the teachers and other students, please don't send your kids to lessons who are sick so you can get accumulate more free lessons. We want you to get as many lessons as possible in a year, but spreading pink-eye, the flu or chickenpox through the studio is not fun (it's happened before).

If you need to miss a lesson, the best thing to do is to email us at info@creativemusicadventures.com and let us know the student's name, date, time and teacher of the lesson.

If you know there is an upcoming date when you can't come to lessons, let us know as soon as you know. If it's more than a week out from the lesson, we will work with you to figure out another time for you to come in during the week of the missed lesson. These rescheduled lessons need to be the same week of the absense.

Sometimes it may be tempting to ask us to double up on a lesson if you need to miss. For example, if you miss a week maybe we could just add 30-minutes to the next lesson so that the lesson is one hour. This is never very productive from a learning/teaching perspective. For an hour (or doubled) lesson to be productive the typical amount of practice times between lessons would need to at least double for the lesson to have forward momentum. It's best to do the normal lesson duration and get back into the normal routines to help build momentum into the next lesson. Doubling lesson times always starts to feel like the wheels are spinning once the lesson time reaches its normal duration.

In the most basic terms, our tuition holds your time-slot with your teacher(s) indefinitely. Students and teachers are really busy so we want this locked in for everyone. If you can't make your normal slot, give us a week or more notice and we'll work with you and our teachers to find another slot during the week of the absense. Otherwise, we'll be there at your normal time when the next week rolls around.