Tips For Practicing Quietly

Are you interested in learning an instrument but feel held back by the potential noise complaints you might get from your neighbors? There are many ways around this depending on the instrument you are looking for. 

If you’re interested in learning piano, don’t feel pressured to get an acoustic piano if it doesn’t suit your needs. There are many great digital models available where you can plug in your headphones and practice for as long as you like. Just keep in mind that there are specific things you should look for, which you can find in more detail on our instagram @creativemusicadventures.

What if you want to learn to play a string instrument like violin or viola? That’s where practice mutes come into play. Practice mutes help reduce the vibrations coming from your instrument so that the sound does not resonate nearly as much as it otherwise would. That being said, mutes affect the tone of your instrument, so don’t get used to using one all the time; this can negatively affect your playing technique in the long term. 

Of course, there are also ways to soundproof your space as well. Have questions on how to soundproof your practice space or limit sound for instruments other than string or piano? Let us know on on Facebook or on our Instagram @cmamusicschool.


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