Syncing Lessons on the CMA Calendar to Your Personal Virtual Calendar

Students and parents,

Whether you're preparing for a trial lesson or already in weekly lessons, it can be very helpful to sync your CMA calendar to your personal calendar.

You could put this in your calendar manually, by yourself, but what's great about the sync is it will update with every change we make, for example, for a rescheduled lesson, when you're gone on vacation, or when you have a guest teacher for the week.

Here are the steps to sync your lessons on the CMA calendar to 3 common virtual calendars (iCal, Google, and Outlook):

First, ask for your 4 digit Drupal user ID number by emailing us at or calling us at (206) 673-2835.

Then, choose which calendar you'll be syncing to - Outlook, iCloud, or Google, and follow the directions for that calendar below. Replace "XXXX" in the URLs with your 4 digit Drupal user ID number before syncing.

Outlook Sync:
Sign in to
At the bottom of the page, select Calendar .
In the navigation pane, select Add calendar.
Select Subscribe from web.
Subscribe to a calendar
Enter this URL: webcal://
Select Import.

iCloud Sync:
In Calendar, choose File > New Calendar Subscription.
Enter the calendar’s web address - webcal://
Click Subscribe.
Enter a name (of your choice) for the calendar and choose a color to help you identify it.
Choose iCloud from the Location menu, then click OK.

Gmail/Google Calendar Sync:
Open calendar
Click on the "+" by "Other Calendars"
Click "From URL"
Paste this link:
Click "Add to Calendar"
Be aware that Google calendars don't sync very often (every 12 hours sometimes). So if there are last-minute changes to your calendar it's best to use the website.

If you don't use any of these calendars, it's usually pretty easy to sync to other calendar programs/apps by clicking on the webcal link above or going to your calendar program/app and finding the option to subscribe to a calendar. Email us if you need any help!

After syncing, you will also be able to set reminders for the lesson calendar. Instructions for that are here: