For Parents

There are many opinions on what the parents' role is in music lessons. Here are a few approaches that have worked exceptionally well for folks over the years.

Here are things that we want the parents to help out with in regards to music lessons:

  • Have your kids around music all the time - music should always be playing around the house and go see live music as much as possible. Finding inspiration for your child is paramount.
  • Make sure you have daily routines set so your child can practice each day.
  • Provide and maintain a quality instrument for them to practice on.
  • Make sure they show up to lessons on time.
  • Be supportive at all times - there will be bumps in the road no matter what. Stay calm during these times and they'll pass sooner.

Here are things that we ask you not to do at home:

  • Practice with your child - all of our curriculum is designed to make them independent music makers. It's their activity and they can do it on their own. The teacher will ask you to help with something if they feel your child needs it.
  • Be critical as they practice - let their teacher give the feedback so there aren't power struggles at home. As long as they are trying to practice each day things will come together.
  • Hold the cost of lessons over their head - this never works. Therefore it's best to never use this approach. There are better ways to get them to practice than to remind them that you are paying for lessons and they need to do their part.
  • Tell them or imply that they are wasting their teacher's time - this one never works either. Our teachers can help get them out of ruts and if you're tempted to lecture your child about how they're wasting their teacher's time, hold off and let the teacher try a few methods.

These are some basics but they will go a long way in building your child's independent musical voice. Subscribe to our newsletter below to get more in depth tips and suggestions based on many years of keeping track of things that work and don't work at home.

One thing to always ask yourself as a parent... Am I doing my homework or my child's? If you are doing their homework there will be problems. If you stick to the list above for your homework then they will soar and you won't be nearly as stressed when they hit their bumps along the way. It may be different than what you imagined but we've seen it work really well for many years.

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For Parents