Online Music Lessons at Creative Music Adventures

Online music lessons at CMA are a great way for you or your child to learn music from home with a proven method. In this post we'll break down how our lessons have helped students over the years.

Oftentime in traditional lessons, it's possible that after several months or years of playing - there may be very little to show for the time and money invested in the music. You may have some spikes in interest and excitement here and there. But lessons can often become bogged down in songs that are not very interesting, outdated teaching methods and scattered lessons/videos/or apps that never really connect the dots into a coherent experience.

At CMA we want you to play more than just the notes. We help you understand what's going on with the music so that someday you can sit down at your instrument and play through dozens of songs off the top of your head the way professional musicians do.

There is no reason why you should spend weeks, months or years learning to play music only to have one song under your fingers - the one you are currently working on in lessons.

When you do lessons at CMA, you will start to recognize the concepts that are the building-blocks of all great music. Our faculty will use our proven methods that we've been creating and refining since 2003.

After a few months of lessons you'll start to feel momentum. After a few years, you'll be a well-rounded musician who can read music, play be ear, improvise and be comfortable playing several different genres.

Our students have accepted over $1,000,000 in music scholarships to some of the most prestigious colleges and music schools in the US. So whether you're a beginner, hobbyist or a serious musician - we can help you take the next steps.

If you want to get started, request a free trial lesson. We'll also send you in depth information about our method, our history, instrument recommendations, pricing and policies and much more. We want to make sure that we're a great fit for each other.

Click the green buttons on this page or simply fill out the form to schedule a free lesson. You will see firsthand how our online lessons could work for you.

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