Music Teacher Membership Site for Michael's Method

This membership site is an intensive training area to help teachers with all aspects of my method (and general teaching techniques).

Membership is $30 per month. Members get 20% off all of my books and any other support material we add to the shop.

This membership website includes the following:

  • Latest News Feed – Any updates on the site or content will be here.
  • Table of Contents – Lists all pieces and ensembles in the methods with links to support material.
  • Teaching Materials – Where the magic happens… A way to search 10+ hours of training videos, 5+ hours of accompaniment tracks, written descriptions of learning activities and more. All based on the song or ensemble you are teaching or getting ready to teach.
  • Create Lesson Notes – A way for you to log what you assigned a student or class along with notes for yourself to help know what went well and what didn’t.
  • View Prior Lesson Notes – You can search all your prior lesson notes so that when you are prepping for a lesson or class you can review everything you’ve previously done with that lesson or class.
  • Share Media – You can post video links of your students performing so other members can see what you’re doing with the material. Members can share tips, tricks and give examples with these video links.
  • View Shared Media – Browse all the student videos and comments teachers have left so it can help members improve their craft.
  • How to Use This Website – Step by step and detailed instructions on how to get around the site.
  • Buy Books and Materials - Once logged in, members will get a discount on all orders from the site.

Here is a demo of how the membership site works and it's features:

Here is more detailed information about the method...

Initial price: 
Recurring price: 
Initial period: 
1 Month
Recurring period: 
1 Month