How to Reschedule Lessons

We know that everyone's lives get busy. Doctor's appointments, school events, sports games, vacation, music lessons - it is unavoidable that some things will end up conflicting with one another, and we want to make sure you can make it into weekly lessons.

Here's everything you will need to know in case you need to reschedule a lesson. A couple policy reminders: we need at least seven days notice to reschedule a lesson. For people on the recurring payment option, you can only reschedule for the week of the absence. For people on four packs, you can push the lesson forward for a future week. There are no doubling up of lessons in one week.

Please note that we fill in our available slots between two and four weeks ahead of the dates. So if you're date is beyond two weeks, you may have fewer options until you get within the two-week window. Feel free to contact the desk and ask them to send you a reminder when they get the available slots updated for the week you will miss and you'll receive an email reminder.

- Log in to the CMA website with your account.
- Follow this link: This link can also be found by going to the "Navigation Menu for Students" found on the left side of your account page, selecting "Schedule or Reschedule a Lesson", and selecting the first link that says "Click Here".
- If you would like to stay with your usual teacher, select their name from the "Teacher" drop down menu. If none of their times work and you have to reschedule with another one of our teachers, select your instrument from the "Instrument" menu and you can see all of the teachers' available times.
- Once you find a slot that works for you, select "Click to Reserve This Slot".
- You will be directed to a form to fill out. Make sure to fill out every portion of the form, or else we will not be able to reschedule the lesson. Copy and paste the date, time and teacher of the lesson you want (which is listed just underneath the form) and paste it into the box labeled "Date, Time and Teacher of Requested Lesson". Also make sure to include which date the new lesson is replacing in the "What Time is This in Place of?" box. If you submit the form without this info, we won't be able to know which date you are rescheduling from or to.
- Hit submit.
- You will receive a confirmation email from us soon after. We are at the desk Monday through Thursday from 2:00 PM until 8:00 PM, and will respond as soon as we can.
- You can view your new rescheduled lesson on your CMA calendar at anytime. It helps to add an alert on your phone as well, just so you don't forget!