How to Play a Walking Bassline

To play a walking bassline, you will first need to know the chords of a song.

Using "Fly Me To the Moon" as an example, the first 4 chords are A minor, D minor, G major and C major. After identifying the chord progression, start forming a walking bassline by playing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th notes for each chord in succession. This means that for A minor, you would play A-B-C-E. To make it sound more fun, you can also add some passing notes in between these notes. From there, just add the melody. 

In the following TikTok, Michael P. demonstrates this process so that you can hear what it sounds like and follow along. Feel free to record yourself trying this out and share it with us on Facebook, Tiktok or Instagram!


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♬ Fly Me To The Moon - Remastered - Frank Sinatra