COVID-19 Update from CMA

Hi Everyone,

Protecting our students, families and teachers is a top priority at all times. But we are going to start taking some aggressive measures at CMA to make sure everyone stays as safe as possible during the COVID-19 situation. We will need your help on some of these, so please read below.

We will continue to be open and operate on the normal schedule..

Here are some things we will do in CMA during normal hours:

  • Teachers will be asked to stay at home if they feel even slightly sick - we have been lining up subs as a precaution so lessons can continue as normal if a teacher can't come in.
  • We will disinfect the instruments in each room after every lesson.
  • Staff will regularly disinfect all door knobs, railings, touchscreens, keyboards/keypads and common surfaces throughout the day/night.
  • We will require teachers to wash their hands between each lesson - for 20 seconds minimum.
  • All students will be asked to wash their hands before and after lessons - we will keep the bathroom door open at the top of every hour and half-hour since this is when most lessons changeover… If you need to use the restroom, try to wait until times between :05 and :25 and :35 and :55.
  • We ask students to stay at home if they aren't feeling well - please email if you plan on not coming to a lesson
  • We ask that you remind your kids to cover up when sneezing or coughing.

As I gather more information from CDC and medical authorities, we may take more steps in the future as things develop. But at the moment, the items above will be our operating policy until further notice.

I know that some of these things may make lessons run a few minutes off-schedule here or there, but hopefully everyone will understand that it is something that needs to be done.

Thanks for your help on this. Stay safe and healthy and we'll see you all soon.

Thanks again!

Michael S