Covering Songs and Adding Harmonies on the Violin or Viola

In the following TikTok, I demonstrate how you can cover songs on the violin or viola (or any other instrument) by dividing chords into separate parts and harmonies. In the clip, I demonstrate how these parts fit together by playing an excerpt from "When the World Caves In" by Matt Maltese. 

Before I start playing, I listen to the song many times to figure out the chords. This may be tricky at first since you will need to isolate the notes in the chords from the rest of the sounds in the recording, but with practice it will get easier and easier. If you are listening to audio on YouTube, try slowing down the playback speed to 0.75 or 0.5 so that you have more time to listen to each chord and figure out the notes.

Then, once I have figured out the notes that make up each chord in the progression, I assign each note in the chord to a viola part to create a harmony section (typically 2-4 different parts below the melody). 

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♬ As the World Caves In - Matt Maltese