CMA Summer 2021 Class: Women in Music

Marlena will teaching CMA's summer class about women in music.

In this class, you will learn about inspiring women who have played an important role in creating the music of our culture, both behind the scenes and on stage. When girls see women thriving in roles that are traditionally male-dominated, it gives them inspiration and confidence to explore areas like improvisation, composing, production, mixing, mastering, or to become a studio or touring musician. This class will tell the story of women who have risen to the top of these fields to help you or your child see that there's room for everyone.

We're all aware of the Taylor Swifts and the Beyoncés of the world, but did you know that there are equally amazing women writing the songs, turning the knobs, running the computer and playing the instruments on music that has shaped our culture for decades? This class will put the spotlight on these women so that you or your child can find inspiration in their stories. 

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