Children's Group Piano Classes at CMA - Ages 5-7 Years Old

The children's group piano classes at CMA provide kids with a high-energy and proven method in getting started with music lessons. Schools across the US have based their programs around our curriculum and approach.

Beginning weekly piano classes at CMA offer opportunities for a child to learn important piano techniques in a fun environment.  Just like playing in a band, the music is written in ensembles so that each student plays their own part. As in school and sports, our classes allow students the opportunity to learn in a familiar group setting.  The positive peer pressure encourages students to practice and progress with their friends and classmates.

For years we tracked our group piano students alongside beginning private piano students - the students in the group lessons were way beyond the private students in their abilities after a few months... And the gap only grew over time.

The piano classes also help the students learn about general music concepts that they can apply to other instruments down the road.

These musical concepts are emphasized in the beginning group piano classes:

  • Rhythms

  • Ear Training and Sight Singing

  • Music Reading

  • Ensemble Skills

  • Piano Technique

  • Composing and Improvisation

Group lessons also provide a great value for families. The lessons are 50-minute long but cost the same as a 30-minute private lesson. We can cover a lot of extra material in the additional 20 minutes.

Students are grouped according to age and experience.  We want new students to do a free trial lessons to ensure they are placed properly.  If we can't find an appropriate class for new students, we will place them in 30-minute weekly private lessons with a teacher who has availability in their schedule.

For more info, call us at 206-706-1034 or click the button below and we can set everything up via email once we receive your form.

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These videos include some footage from our group piano classes...

Level 1

Level 2

Upper Levels