All About Key Signatures: Part 2

The following video is Part 2 of a series by Adri, who explains everything you need to know about key signatures.

How to identify what the major key is based on a key signature that has sharps (also known as #):

  1. Look at the last sharp listed (the one furthest to the right)
  2. Find it on the keyboard
  3. Go 1 half step up from that note

For example, if you see 7 sharps listed, the last sharp is B. If you find B# on the piano and go up one half step, you will land on C#. This means that your key is C# major.

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@cmamusicschool Key Signatures Pt. 2! Adri shares how to identify your key, based on a sharps key signature. #keysignatures #musictheory #musictok #pianotutorial ♬ original sound - cmamusicschool