About Us

CMA started in Seattle in 2003 as a home for families who wanted music lessons to be more than just another activity. We are located in Wallingford and specialize in giving students of all ages a comprehensive foundation so they can become independent and creative music makers for life.


Many of our first students were transfer students who were not relating well with the traditional way music was presented. They were being asked to learn piece after piece, but felt like they weren't really connecting to the music in a meaningful way - even after winning competitions and festivals. When many of these students took off with their music, so did CMA.

We want students to be able to play the music they love - and we know that the music they love will change over time. So, we have created a method that gives students a solid foundation in concepts that can be applied to many different types of repertoire.


For example, let's say a student wants to learn a Taylor Swift song. In a traditional lesson, all they would have to show for it after working very hard is a Taylor Swift song. With CMA lessons, however, we would teach the concepts that make up the song. This way, if they fall in love with playing Mozart, it wouldn’t be like starting all over - they can use Taylor to help their Mozart sound better.


The traditional approach of teaching has become obsessed with playing the right notes at the right times. We want our students to experience that, but with much, much more, because that's when it gets fun and rewarding in ways that will last forever.


Our approach is not void of expectations and results. Over the last six years, former CMA students have accepted over $600,000 in scholarship money from some of the most prestigious music colleges in the country. We have students who have played all over the US, Europe, Canada and probably a few places we don't know about. They play styles from Classical to Jazz to Hip Hop to Pop to Country to R&B. We also have several CMA alumni who teach at CMA, the public schools and in other cities across the US.


However, all of these accolades and accomplishments pale in comparison to the emotional, physical and intellectual benefits we see our students receive each week that they come to lessons.

We believe that anyone can create a meaningful artistic voice - no matter where they are on the age and ability spectrum. We work very hard to help everyone find their voice and make music a part of their lives forever - from 4 year old students, to 104 year old students, and beyond.

Let's see if we're the best fit for each other. We offer a free consultation and trial lesson to anyone interested in lessons at CMA.

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