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How to Build Diminished Chords in Any Key on the Piano

Here’s how you can build diminished chords on the piano in any key. 

Let’s take a look at a C diminished chord. If we look at how it’s built, we can build other diminished chords in any key. The distance between the first and second notes is 3 half steps, and the distance between the second and third notes is 3 diminished half steps as well. This is what we call a symmetrical chord, because there are 3 half steps between both the first and second notes, and the second and third notes. 

Learn Doja Cat's "Kiss Me More" on the Violin or Viola

In this TikTok, I show you the notes for the verse and chorus of Doja Cat's latest hit "Kiss Me More." While I demonstrate this on my viola,  you can still follow along with a violin as well. All the notes are on the D and A strings. 

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3 Steps to Learning Mario Galaxy's Observatory Theme by Ear

In this TikTok, Michael P. demonstrates 3 steps that you can follow to play Mario Galaxy's Observatory Theme just by listening to the music.

Remember, learning songs by ear takes a lot of time, so be patient with yourself and don't expect to get it perfect the first time! Each of these steps will take time.

Since trying to figure out a song by ear might seem overwhelming, try focusing on the different parts in this order:

Build a Minor Chord in Any Key On the Piano

Recently, we covered how you can build any major chord on the piano. Using a similar formula, here is how you can build a minor chord starting on any note!

Let's look at the chord C minor. The distance between the first two notes is 3 half steps, and the distance from the second note to the third note is 4 half steps. This combination is the same for any minor chord. Just think 3 half steps and 4 half steps!

The best way to practice this is by building chords starting on different notes on the piano. 

Piano Tutorial: How to Play Astronaut in the Ocean by Masked Wolf

In the following TikTok, Michael shows how you can play and groove to Astronaut in the Ocean by Masked Wolf on the piano.

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1 Simple Trick to Build Any Major Chord on the Piano

Confused on how to create your own chords on the piano? Here is a simple formula for building any major chord on the piano.

If we look at a major chord like C major, we can figure out how a major chord is constructed by looking at the distance between each note. If you count the number of steps from the first note and the second note, there are four half steps, and the distance between the second note and the third note is 3 half steps.

As practice, you can try starting on any note on the piano. Just think 4 half steps + 3 half steps.