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Not all Minor Chords are sad!

I'm sure you've all heard before about how major chords sound "happy" and minor chords sound "sad," but the reality is that the context that we hear them in makes a huge difference on the kind of emotion it evokes out of us. Michael P. demonstrates an example of this in the following video.

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CMA Summer 2021 Class: Meet the Composers

If your child is interested in learning about the people who wrote their favorite movie and game soundtracks, we have a fun summer class for them. They’ll learn about a diverse group of composers from all over the world across many genres. I’ll be teaching CMA’s summer class “Meet the Composers” for students ages 4 to 12.

The Best Way to Get Ready for a Performance

In the following clip, Michael shares one of his favorite way to get ready for a performance.

Basically, every time you walk by your instrument, stop to play your piece. This method will give you a lot of return on a very minimal amount of effort. You only get one shot to play it each time you walk by. Don't play your piece more than once, stop or start in between, or only play sections. If you make a mistake, keep going until the end and then walk away.