New Practice Tracks for Levels 1 - 4

I'm excited to announce that the practice tracks for my books are now available for purchase so students can use them with any device capable of playing mp3's.

Each song in the book has an accompanying slow, medium, fast and pro practice track. The pro version is just the background instruments without the main melody so students can practice playing with a band (without help from another melody player).

What Instrument Should My Child Play?

For many parents interested in starting their child in music lessons, choosing which instrument to play can be filled with uncertainty. It is a big investment of time, energy and money for the family. It also comes with a great responsibility since the lessons and instrument will affect their musical experiences as players and listeners for a long time.

"Why I No Longer Teach Pop Music as Repertoire"; Another Great Post From Michael's Blog

"The first step I took was to ditch all sheet music. I found the arrangements to be so flat compared to the original recordings, I couldn’t blame the kids for not being inspired to see the process through. I’ve had a rule for over ten years in the studio – pop music is great, but we learn it directly from the source… The recording."

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"Macho, Macho Music"; Check Out Michael's Post On His New Website

"Perhaps we should simply change our ways instead of assuming things will get better with time for females in music…

There was a kid I met at jazz camp while in high school. He told me about a workshop he attended by a legendary jazz-trumpet player. At some point a woman stood up and asked a question about improvising. The clinician’s answer was simply, “Chicks can’t play jazz.”